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3 Tips to Keep Your Home Insect-Free

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Utah summers are always so much nicer when the bugs are kept out of the house; but, with kids running around, doors being left open, and pet food on the floor it can be difficult to do. The Southern Utah Pest Control Experts — Bybee Pest Control — have three huge tips that will help you keep your home bug free.

Tip #1: Always sweep the floor

Always keep the floors in your home clean – especially the kitchen. Bugs love eating the crumbs that are on the floor and juices that are split. Insects like Sugar Ants in St. George and German Roaches in Cedar City will sneak in and eat everything left on the floor. Even the smallest piece of food or sticky substance can attract pests. Pet food will also draw insects into your home, especially if it spills and is left on the floor. Sometimes messes are inevitable – we understand that. It can be hard to eat a popsicle without it dripping in the Saint George heat, teach a dog to eat without making a mess, or cook your favorite Forth of July treat without spilling. To keep the insects out, after you cook, eat, or feed your pets, sweep, mop, and/or vacuum. Keeping your home crumb-free will also help you keep your home pest-free.

Tip #2: Keep your home clutter-free

Having clutter around your home gives insects a place to hide and reproduce. Southern Utah is crawling in insects like Black Widows that can come into your home and hide behind the clutter. To help keep your home pest-free, get rid of things that are laying around the house that you don’t use anymore, vacuum around furniture, and dust nooks, crannies, and corners.

Tip #3: Check your house for cracks

Insects have to be getting into your home from somewhere and it is likely through cracks. Cracks in foundation and siding become doorways to your home for bugs. Bugs like ants and cockroaches can squeeze through just about any opening. Be sure to perform thorough inspections of your house’s foundation, and re-seal any gaps you find using a caulking gun. You should also pay special attention to where side walls meet the foundation, which is often a favorite hiding spot for bugs.

Need some help from experts?

Preventing bugs isn’t always your number one priority, but trust us when we say it’s much easier than dealing with an existing infestation! If you need help bug-proofing your home, let the experts at Bybee Pest Control help. We know the places that bugs love to hide, and more importantly, we know how to keep them out. Not only can we eliminate any current problems, but we can also give you the knowledge you need to get your home ready to defend itself against any future pests.

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