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4 Creepy Things You May Not Know About Black Widows

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 1.Black widow venom is 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake

Black widow spider bites are perhaps one of the most notorious and feared of spider bites. In humans, bites may cause muscle spasms or nausea; however, symptoms of the bite are often mild and very rarely lead to death, contrary to popular belief. Deaths are most likely to occur in children and the elderly, if at all.

2.Black widows will often devour their partner after mating

In black widow society, females are very much so the dominant sex, and it is true that they often eat their partners after mating. Ever wonder how black widows got their name? Now you know.

3.Female black widows have poor eyesight

In order to capture prey, this ocularly-challenged arachnid will spin a complex web and then hide nearby. The black widow is able to feel the vibrations of her prey when it becomes entangled in the web, allowing her to locate and kill her latest victim.

4.Not all widow spiders are black

There are, in fact, up to 30 different species of black widows worldwide, with colors ranging from brown to red in addition to the infamous black for which the spider is named.

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