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Are Cockroaches Indestructible?

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Cockroaches are, objectively, the worst. No matter what hits them, they somehow manage to get back up, escape through the smallest crevice in the house, and return later with an entire legion of cockroaches. In fact, there are many discouraging facts about cockroaches that lend merit to the idea that they are indestructible. Here are just a few:

1. Cockroaches can survive up to a month without food

Cockroaches are notorious for their crazy adaptability and survival skills. Their very eggs are naturally fortified against insecticides, and they thrive in every climate around the world except for Antarctica. Though you may only see the occasional single cockroach out in the open in your home, it is very likely that there is a thriving civilization behind your walls.

2. Cockroaches can survive without their head for up to a week

Creepy as that may sound, it is true. Cockroaches breath through little opening found on their body, not their head.

3. Roaches can eat practically anything

And that means anything: dead skin cells, garbage, even feces.

4. They are super quick (for a bug)

Some roaches reach speeds up to 3 mph! That doesn’t seem very quick, but anyone who has every tried to squish a cockroach can surely attest to their annoying agility. You don’t see ants running that fast.

5. A cockroach can hold its breath for up to 40 minutes?

So check drowning off your list of ways to get rid of roaches. Sorry.

Again, cockroaches are the worst. They withstand most anything and multiply at alarming rates. All is not lost, however, because cockroaches are not indestructible, and there are people specially trained to rid your home of pests! Call Bybee Pest Control Call at 435-256-0561 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment today!


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