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Attack of the Moths

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Have you ever wondered how several small holes randomly appear in your clothing? It could be due to the material aging. It could have happened in the wash. Or it could have happened because you were attacked by a hole punch. However, if you have a brand new shirt and you haven't washed it yet or gotten attacked by any hole punch, it could have been due to moths.

But wait! Most adult moths don't have mouths.

How could they have done this to your new cashmere sweater?

Moths only have mouths during their larval or caterpillar stage of life. During this time, they eat as much as they possibly can. Their diet usually consists of fibers such as silk, wool, cashmere, angora, feathers, or fur -- a lot of which can be found in your closet. They will bulk up on your favorite shirt, your comfort sweaters, your lucky socks, and your winter coat.

Luckily, the stage of life when moths actually have mouths only lasts for about two weeks (hopefully your clothes can make it that long). When they transition to adulthood, their top priority is to mate. When female moth's eggs are fertilized -- which can range from 50 to 1,000 eggs -- she leaves her eggs on a piece of your clothing. Once they hatch, the cycle starts all over again eventually leaving your closet as a destitute moth buffet.

Don't let the moths destroy your clothing. No one wants to wear a shirt full of holes to work. If you have a moth break out or you want to prevent moths from taking over, give Bybee Pest Control a call. We will help you protect your home (and your lucky socks). 

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