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If these guys are seriously bugging you, know you’re not alone. Although they’re not as dangerous as other bugs, their ability to nest just about anywhere both inside and out can be a frustration for any homeowner.


Scorpions are arachnids, not insects, as you would think. They are close relatives to spiders, mites and ticks. Equipped with a stinger, they are one of the most feared pests in Southern Utah.


Second to ants, roaches rule the Mojave desert region. Many people are unaware of the harm roaches can cause to your health. They can carry and spread diseases, trigger allergies and asthma attacks, carry parasites, and even contaminate food.


While most spiders aren’t dangerous, they can be an indicator of entry points, and a sign you have more pests. Brown recluse and black widow bites can cause serious harm depending on the size and health of the person.


Rodents may seem harmless, but they are actually some of the most dangerous and difficult-to-get-rid-of pests out there! Rodents are capable of gnawing on your electrical wires, chewing your home’s insulation, and contaminating your food.

Bed Bugs

We use state of the art bed bug treatments developed by University of Pennsylvania researchers. It is a safe, odorless treatment that does not require the headache of heating the house. We are also able to charge less compared to other companies since this treatment requires less equipment.
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Bybee Pest Control is trusted by thousands of customers accross The State Of Utah.

Red Ledges Inn

Certified Google Review
"Bybee Pest Control does a great job. They are timely and thorough. Both of which is extremely important in the hospitality industry. I highly recommend them for any of your pesky pest needs!"

Marissa Condie

Certified Google Review
"I called them originally because I wanted something that would take care of ants, but be safe to use around my dogs. They are a FANTASTIC company to work with. They are very flexible with scheduling and send great people to spray. They always ask where my biggest concern areas are and focus on them. I haven’t had bug problems since. I wouldn’t call anyone else. I am so impressed with them."

Kevin Nelson

Certified Google Review
"They are courteous and clean-cut when they arrive. They are knowledgeable and able to help the customer understand the best method and the areas to spray for the kind of pest they need to have controlled."

Mark Oliver

Certified Google Review
Bybee Pest Control has been taking care of our pest control needs for the past year at our home and local production facility and we are very satisfied with their services. Braden offers fair pricing and exceptional customer service. His pest control method is better than any other company we have used in the past.

Wendy Hackney

Great customer service! Affordable, Reliable, and Efficient! We found a bee’s nest outside and Bybee Pest Control was there quickly and took care of it professionally. Highly Recommended!
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4 Creepy Things You May Not Know About Black Widows

 1.Black widow venom is 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake Black widow spider bites are perhaps one of the most notorious and feared of spider bites. In humans, bites may cause muscle spasms or nausea; however, symptoms of the bite are often mild and very rarely lead to death, contrary to popular […]
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Are Cockroaches Indestructible?

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How to Treat A Black Widow Bite

How to Treat a Black Widow Bite The black widow spider is often cited as deadly, making it one of the most feared spider species. The truth is, black widow bites are rarely fatal, and in fact, these spiders are not inherently aggressive at all. Black widows will usually only bite when provoked, and in […]
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How to Keep Mice from Entering Your Home

Though small and cute, most people agree it’s unsettling when wild mice make unexpected appearances in the home. Many mice, among other rodents, carry unwanted bacteria and diseases into the home, not to mention the potential damage they could cause to electrical wires and furniture. The good news is, there are a number of preventative […]
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Lions and tigers and BEETLES, oh my!

Experiencing lawn damage? Noticing small bugs wander through your house uninvited? Let us help you get rid of them. Various species of beetles’ love munching on the roots of your grass and plants which can cause your greenery to die. Beetles, especially the Utah native Weevil, can sneak into your home and snack on your […]

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