Last Updated: December 6, 2019

Coming Soon: The Black Widow Strikes

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Imagine this: you are relaxing on your couch after a long day of work. You are just scrolling through the internet when you suddenly feel something on your head. It’s small. It has eight legs. It is black with a red hourglass mark on its abdomen. Your moment of relaxation turns instantly into a scary movie as you frantically brush the black widow off your head.

As black widow season quickly approaches, this nightmare can become a reality. Black widows can sneak into your home through your back door that is slightly cracked, your bedroom window, and through small cracks in the basement. Once in your home, these spiders can cause havoc by laying up to 400 eggs at a time, spinning thick webs, and biting the ones you cherish with their toxic venom.

Thankfully, your home will not be defenseless against these dangerous insects. Allow us to help you protect what means the most to you. Your home is a spray away from being a pest-free haven, where you can relax on your couch and surf the internet in peace and where your loved ones are safe. Schedule your appointment today! Call or text us at (435) 256-0561.

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