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DIY Pest Control? Read This First!

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You’re doing the dishes when the unspeakable happens: a cockroach crawls out of the drain. You hurriedly shoo it out the open window, but you know. You know where there is one cockroach, there are usually dozens more hiding somewhere in the walls of your home. It’s all very stressful, and you have your kid’s dance recital to get to, and there are no open spots on your calendar for you to call in a pest control professional, so you start to wonder, “Can’t I just take care of this myself?”

While there are many situations that may call for one to break out their DIY skills, a little bit of research should be done before deciding to go Mr. Miyagi on any bugs in your home.

When Should I Do It Myself?

Often with small, isolated instances of non-harmful pests, it is OK to treat them yourself. However, keep in mind that there are certain risks associated with buying your own pest control chemicals. Be sure to read up on the safety of whichever chemical you intend to buy, and also check for professional certifications. Keep in mind that there are also little things you can do around your home to better prevent pests from coming in. Sealing off small holes around your house, equipping doors with airtight rubber seals along the edges, and even just being diligent in noticing signs of infestation early on can go a long way in keeping your free of pests.


Many buy-it-yourself, pre-mixed pest control chemicals are higher in cost, less effective, and are not professional grade products compared to services offered at professional pest control companies. At Bybee Pest Control, we offer higher quality, professional grade products that work much more effectively and last longer. One treatment from us for $75 is the equivalent of buying 9 gallons of Ortho Home Defense ($126), except our products are much more effective!

One Service from Us = 9 Gallons of higher quality, professional grade products that work much more effectively and last longer.

The products we use are safe for both children and pets, and they are environmentally friendly. Plus, our services are guaranteed to work, or we will come retreat the problem areas free!

Bybee Pest Control offers the best services that will keep your home safe and pest free. Call us at 435-559-4990 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment today!

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