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Do I Have a Mite Infestation?

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Identifying Mites in the Home

Mites are small members of the arachnid family, closely related to the tick. They measure about 1 mm in length and have four sets of legs. Given their miniscule size, mites are quite difficult to see. They infiltrate the house through small cracks in walls and window sills. Some mites, like the clover mite, appear bright red in color, making them more visible. Such brightly colored mites will leave a noticeable smear when squished.

Most mites are not harmful, but some are parasitic; when unsure about whether one’s home is infested with mites, it may be helpful to look for signs of skin irritation on residents of the house, including pets. It is recommended to consult a doctor concerning skin irritation to determine the cause before assuming it is mites, however.

Other signs of mite infestations may include damage to plants in or around the house. Some mites are plant-feeders and can contribute to leaf discoloration in household plants. Leaves may eventually fall off the plant as well.

Getting Help

Though the majority of mites are not harmful, they are certainly a nuisance. When you find your home has been infested with mites or other pests, Bybee Pest Control is here to help. We utilize products that are safe for children and pets, odorless, environmentally friendly, safe for food establishments, professional grade, and EPA approved. Customer service is our number one priority, so if you still experience problems after we service your home, we will come back for free! Call us at 435-256-0561 or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment today!


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