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Entomophobia: The fear of insects

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Leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, & the groceries stores are inundated with costumes, wild wigs, & candy. Spooky decorations lurk on every corner as Halloween quickly approaches. The season can be full of fears: scary movies, haunted houses, and plastic spiders…or real spiders. What are you scared of?

Entomophobia is the fear of insects which 6% of all U.S. inhabitants face. Whether it be the fear of spiders, ants, bees, or even butterflies, the chances are you probably know someone who has this phobia.

Each person can have different levels of entomophobia. It can develop in several ways – by having scary experiences with insects, believing that they are all poisonous, or through the media. It can cause people to seek to avoid insects at all cost, wear excessive amounts of clothing to protect themselves, or avoid specific places.

Want to find out what level of entomophobia you have? Take this quick quiz. 

Rules: Look at each photo/video. You will get 1 point for each time you squirm, 2 points for each time you feel like you have bugs crawling on you, and 3 points for each time you gasp, yell, or exclaim. Ready?

The Entomophobia Quiz

Earwig (Euborellia) crawling on a white background

You made it all the way through!

0 to 3 points: You are doing great! You may not have entomophobia, but on occasion, some insects may bother you

4 to 6 points: Let’s admit it, sometimes bugs might give you a small spook, but you don’t have serious entomophobia.

7 to 9 points: Insects can be scary sometimes — we get it. Don’t worry, if you ever have any bugs bothering you, we can help you get rid of them.

10 to 15 points: We are no psychologists, but you may have entomophobia. You will be able to make it though! Bybee Pest Control knows exactly what to do.

How did you do? Leave a comment and let us know. If you have any insects invading your home during this Halloween season, give Bybee Pest Control a call at (435) 256-0561. We will help make sure no spiders will spook you or your guests. 

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