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How to Check for Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

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As the holidays quickly approach and you begin to plan your travelling schedule, pest may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, there probably isn't anything worse than staying in a hotel room and waking up the next morning with bed bug bites. Hotels often train employees what to look for when cleaning rooms to ensure that bed bugs are not present. In addition, you can take extra precaution by asking the hotel about their bed bug history. Nevertheless, your room still may have bugs and we highly suggest thoroughly inspecting your room to make sure no unwelcome guests are staying the night with you -- and to ensure they don't hitch-hike with you to your next destination.

Tip #1: Wait to unpack.

Avoid placing your bags on the luggage rack once you have entered the room as bed bugs love nesting there. Instead, place your items in the restroom because the surfaces in the bathroom are too difficult for bedbugs to crawl on. After your bags are in the bathroom, immediately begin to search for bed bugs. Check the mattress, headboard, and luggage rack. Inspect the furniture, nightstands, and pictures hanging on the wall. Remember that bed bugs love quiet, dark places.

Tip #2: Look for bugs.

Look for signs of infestation. One sign is shedded exoskeletons. They look like empty, yellow shells scattered near hiding spots.  Another sign includes small blood stains, which can be easier to detect on light or white-colored items.

If you notice any of these signs, report them to the front desk right away and request a new room. Because bed bugs can travel through shared walls, they can be found in neighboring rooms. Request to move to a different part of the hotel or a different floor. If you are worried about your luggage, ask the hotel employees for plastic bags. Place your luggage in this bags to suffocate the bed bugs.

Tip #3: Separate your clothes.

Bed bugs are twice as likely to swarm to dirty clothes than clean clothes. This can be because the residual odors mimic the scent of food. To avoid bed bugs getting into your dirty laundry, keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty clothes. If you suspect infestation, it can be helpful to keep bagged clothes in a bathtub. This can trap the bed bugs and prevent them from spreading to other areas in the room.

Tip #4: Practice at-home procedures. ?

The truth is not everyone knows how to check for bed bugs in hotel rooms. That means that these insects can cling to your belongings and wind up with you at home. If this happens to you, seek immediate help. Give Bybee Pest Control a call at 435-256-0561 and we will send over one of our trained specialist to treat your home.

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