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How to Get Rid of Gophers DIY

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St. George, Utah

Finding gophers in your yard?

Gophers are excellent at finding their way into your yard and helping themselves to your favorite plants. They will infest your yard while leaving your neighbor’s yard untouched. Gophers can be found in Cedar City, Enoch, Tropic, Hurricane, La Verkin, and St. George. Gophers will leave your yard damaged, kill your plants, trees, and grass, spread diseases to your pets, and create walking hazards with holes. You definitely don’t want to have gophers in your yard. Luckily, it is possible to get rid of gophers on your own using family and pet friendly remedies.

How to get rid of gophers DIY

  • Scatter your animals’ droppings
    • Rather than throwing away your pet’s poop in the garbage, put it directly into gopher holes. Pet, especially cats and dogs, are gopher predators. When the gophers smell the droppings, they will think a predator is near by and find a new home.
  • Scatter items the have smells that gophers don’t like.
    • Gophers have very sensitive noises and if they smell something that they don’t like, they are likely to leave. Some of these smells include:
      • Fish – next time you go fishing, save some of the scraps and place them in the tunnels
      • Castor oil: dilute it with some water and spray it directly into the tunnel
      • Coffee grounds: sprinkle coffee grounds directly into tunnels and cover them with soil
      • Dryer sheets: tuck them into the holes
      • Mothballs: drop them into the tunnels and cover the opening with plastic
      • Tabasco sauce: mix with some peppermint oil and water. Soak a cotton balls into mixture and then drop them into tunnels
  • Plant Euphorbia Lathyris (gopher spurge) or other gopher repelling plants
    • Euphorbia Lathyris is a common gopher repellent. You can purchase these plants at most nurseries. Plant in gopher infested areas.
    • Other plants gophers dislike includes: castor beans, daffodils, marigolds, and oleander plants
  • Create a noisy environment
    • Gophers don’t like too much noise and because it can signal danger. Some ways to create noise include:
      • Wind chimes
      • Portable radios
      • Put the radio inside of a sealed plastic bag. Put it directly into the gopher’s hole.
  • Use vibrating stakes
    • Vibrating stakes are usually set deep into the ground but are completely visible above ground. They will cause the ground to vibrate which will scare the gopher away because they will think your yard is unsafe.

Still need some help?

If these tips don’t work, give us a call! We service homes and businesses around Utah, including Saint George, Cedar City, Washington, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Parowan, Hurricane, La Verkin, Toquerville, Enoch, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Salt Lake City.

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