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How to Keep Mice from Entering Your Home

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Though small and cute, most people agree it’s unsettling when wild mice make unexpected appearances in the home. Many mice, among other rodents, carry unwanted bacteria and diseases into the home, not to mention the potential damage they could cause to electrical wires and furniture. The good news is, there are a number of preventative measures one can take in order to keep rodents out of the house. Here are a few:

Seal cracks in and around the home

Rodents can fit through holes that are much smaller than their bodies, so it is helpful to seal any cracks you find in the foundation of your home and especially holes near doors and windows. Generally people use caulk to do this. Also try to repair holes in any screen doors/window seals as soon as possible.

Keep a generally clean home

Mice will enter even the cleanest of homes, but it certainly will not hurt to keep your floors swept, your food properly sealed, and your basement/attic corners cleared away. Food that is left out and unattended corners are more likely to bring mice into your home.


Rodents are more likely to nest in places that are rarely disturbed, quiet, and warm; therefore, the corners of your garage are particularly susceptible. Good tips for keeping mice out of your garage are to thoroughly inspect boxes, etc. to ensure there are no mice or holes in them before you store them in your garage. Also, keep those corners cleared of clutter and dust/dirt, etc.


There are quite a few “home-remedies” out there for keeping mice at bay. Some simple ones include sprinkling mint or basil on your window sills. You could also purchase rodent poisoning, though always be sure such products are out of reach of little ones and pets.

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