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We know how to take care of any unwanted pests you have


We can get rid of any type of spider you are seeing! We will spray the inside perimeter and the outside for a strong barrier. Don’t be one of the statistic people who swallow 8 spiders a year in their sleep!!


We utilize a variety of methods for the inside and outside perimeter to protect your home from ants. We have ant bait stations that work very well. Ants have a specific taste for food just like us, so we utilize sugar and protein products to match their appetite.

What you can as a homeowner, try to have a clean kitchen floor so the ants don’t have a food source they are looking for. If you have a pet animal outside or inside, make sure you clean up after they are done eating. So don’t leave their food out where the ants can get to it.


We look high and low around the outside of your home for wasp nests. Constantly worrying about being stung is no fun. Let us take care of that worry for you.


Cockroaches are very tricky but we can help you. We use a variety of products that target their growth cycle and feeding habits.

It is so important for the home owner to have a clean house when dealing with roaches. You need to clean up after each meal, meaning sweep, do the dishes right after (don’t let me sit). If you have a pet animal inside/outside you need to clean up right after they are done eating, put their food away so you take the roaches food source away.

Deep clean the house, especially where you are seeing the roaches. It’s best to pull out the fridge, washer, and oven to deep clean back behind there.

We can help get rid of the disease infested, stinky cockroaches. Give us a call if you have more questions!

Bed Bugs

We can treat your infestation for an affordable price! Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Home owner can wash their clothes and linens on high heat, then isolating the room and areas that are infested until we treat the home.


We have great bait stations to kill the mice. The professional baits we use work great because when the mouse dies after eating the bait it doesn’t have an odor. Much better than most store bought baits.

What you can do to help keep the mice away is to have a clean home. Try not to have any food on the floor. If you have a pet animal inside/outside make sure their food is put up and away when they aren’t eating.

Keeping your house clean will help eliminate the food source for the mice.


No one wants to see a bug in their home, let alone a scary scorpion! Give us a call and we can take care of your problem!

pest not listed?

Don’t worry – even if it’s not listed here doesn’t mean we don’t cover it. Contact a member of our team and we’ll provide you with more information.

Happy Customers

They were quick to come over, came on time and were... friendly! Love that they offer a 30 day guarantee as well 👍🏻read more
Terre Morton
Terre M.
01:38 02 Oct 20
They were on time, friendly and quick! Love that there’s a... 30 day guarantee too 👍🏻read more
Terre Morton
Terre M.
00:44 02 Oct 20
Jack Bybee
Jack B.
01:21 17 Sep 20
These guys are professional and communicative. They made... sure we were on the same page with services and payment. They're also quiet friendly and their service are nicely prices too! I highly recommend them. 👍read more
Neko Meyer
Neko M.
20:04 29 Aug 20
Very kind, professional, and communicated wonderfully! They... trippled check that we were all on the same page for payments and services. I wilk be using them again!read more
Neko M
Neko M
01:30 29 Aug 20
We are very pleased. Arrived when promised. Actually... sprayed everything. We, by choice, declined to have the house interior sprayed. We opted to have the garage sprayed. We previously used another company. We were never satisfied with them. We got what we paid for with more
Robin Davis
Robin D.
16:43 28 Aug 20
Great job
Russell Taylor
Russell T.
03:23 09 Aug 20
they did a great job at a wonderful price
Russell N Mindy Taylor
Russell N Mindy T.
03:22 09 Aug 20
Wendy Murphy
Wendy M.
17:21 02 Aug 20
Always our go-to pest control service! They are... professional and friendly. Great communication when scheduling services!read more
Kylee Low
Kylee L.
05:20 24 Jul 20
We love Bybee Pest Control. They are quick to come out and... do great work. Amazing customer service and awesome prices. I highly recommend them!read more
Jenifer Bunker
Jenifer B.
01:49 24 Jul 20
They are the best. wonderful customer service and always... reliable. Bugs and pests dead within minutes! Will only use Bybee!read more
Stachia Brindley
Stachia B.
01:46 24 Jul 20
Amazing staff. And very affordable and very reliable!
Stachia Brindley
Stachia B.
21:05 23 Jul 20
Bybee Pest control is great. Always great customer service... and they are always on time and do a great job!read more
RaLinda Bauer Seegmiller
RaLinda Bauer S.
21:00 23 Jul 20
They were on time and took the time to ask if I had any... problems. I enjoyed there employeeread more
Shaylee Lamoreaux
Shaylee L.
20:59 23 Jul 20
We have been using Bybee Pest Control for a while now. We... are happy with the Services they provide and excellent customer service!read more
RaLinda Seegmiller
RaLinda S.
20:58 23 Jul 20
Great service 😊
Jeanine Nielson
Jeanine N.
03:04 16 Jul 20
Bybee Pest Control does an excellent job. We haven’t seen... a live bug for over a year! I always get a text when they will be in our area asking if we are ready for a spray. They always show up on more
Susan Madsen
Susan M.
16:31 13 Jul 20
We love Bybee Pest Control. They are always quick to come... out and make an appointment. Their customer service is awesome. They get rid of the bugs inside and out. I highly recommend them. Great prices and great service!read more
Jenifer Sorensen Bunker
Jenifer Sorensen B.
19:56 08 Jul 20
we love Bybee pest control. they are always so quick to... respond and gives me a great deal!read more
Jessika Joya
Jessika J.
19:53 08 Jul 20
Bybee has been great and easy to work with, and we have... seen a big decrease in bugs/ants around our more
Vanessa Ellis
Vanessa E.
19:50 08 Jul 20
Bybee Pest Control was fantastic. They were very... professional, helpful, and well priced. Im very happy with what a great job they did, and I will be using them again in the more
Lindsey Williams
Lindsey W.
22:39 13 Jun 20
Fantastic Family Business. They were very quick at getting... back to me, and had the best price for what I needed. Im so glad these guys were recommended to me, and I will be using only them in the more
Lindsey Williams
Lindsey W.
16:50 13 Jun 20
Cam Reber
Cam R.
23:25 11 Jun 20
john word
john W.
20:13 07 Jun 20
They do a great job. i highly recommend them.
Natalie Noyes Perkins
Natalie Noyes P.
19:16 04 Jun 20
Bybee pest control does a great job. I would recommend... more
Natalie Perkins
Natalie P.
19:15 04 Jun 20
These guys are really great! I haven't had any issues with... bugs since they started spraying my house. I haven't seen a spider for years. They are great at making sure to take care of any trouble spots. Love these guys and I'm so glad I found them!read more
Johanna Mathews
Johanna M.
04:29 04 Jun 20
Renon Bybee
Renon B.
03:31 04 Jun 20
Efficient and timely. Did the job effectively as we can... tell by all the dead bugs. Having Venmo as a pay option was awesome and easy. We have to do a couple more sprayings because of the life cycle of the bugs but then I will more
Regi Silva
Regi S.
05:11 30 Apr 20
Very kind and professional! I trust the people, I trust the... products, I trust the quality of work! Thank you, Bybee Pest Control!read more
Chelsea Sega
Chelsea S.
18:39 27 Apr 20
great Local company!! Great quality service!
Russell Westwood
Russell W.
02:02 26 Apr 20
Russell Westwood
Russell W.
02:00 26 Apr 20
Bybee Pest Control has been reliable and helpful since the... beginning. If you are looking for an honest company, please check them more
Tiffany Clark
Tiffany C.
00:44 26 Apr 20
Came and did a place we are remodeling. They were... proficient and speedy. Showed up on time and take Venmo as payment making it supper more
Reginaldo Silva
Reginaldo S.
23:19 25 Apr 20
The tech was prompt and very friendly. Remembers what was... done last time. Very efficientread more
Rosemarie Milne
Rosemarie M.
23:15 25 Apr 20
Great job and great price!
Torrie Ruesch Nelson
Torrie Ruesch N.
14:44 16 Apr 20
They are courteous and clean-cut when they arrive. They are... knowledgeable and able to help the customer understand the best method and the areas to spray for the kind of pest they need to have more
Kevin Nelson
Kevin N.
20:42 14 Apr 20
Bernice Mabey
Bernice M.
20:20 14 Apr 20
They really helped us understand how we could control the... pest and keep our home safe. Very respectful of our pets and their safety. Would recommend them to friends and more
Cathy Workman
Cathy W.
17:42 22 Mar 20
Brooke and Michael give wonderful service!
Duane Lombardi
Duane L.
02:19 26 Feb 20
Great customer service! Very efficient, punctual, and... quick! Highly recommend!read more
Acasia Vincent
Acasia V.
00:20 18 Oct 19
Tom at Bybee pest control did a great job spraying my home... for bugs. Tom was personable and did a very thorough job. I would recommend anyone looking to have their house sprayed for bugs to have Bybee Pest Control do the job!read more
13:20 17 Oct 19
They have offered consistent friendly service and good... results. Following the biannual sprays we get, bugs can't be more
Nathan Coats
Nathan C.
01:16 09 Oct 19
Bybee Pest Control is amazing! Haven't had any more issues... with creepy crawlies after I've had them spray my home. Affordable, and super easy to work with. They're also on top of any trouble spots that I've had. Definitely recommend!read more
Johanna Mathews
Johanna M.
15:18 05 Oct 19
Fast, friendly and always one call away. We will always use... them!!read more
Zachary Goodwin
Zachary G.
18:26 08 Jul 19
Sherlyn Dalton
Sherlyn D.
16:08 25 Jun 19
Bybee Pest Control does a great job! Great prices and great... service! They take care of our home and businesses! Their product works and takes care of the problem. I highly recommend them!!!!read more
Emilee Clark
Emilee C.
14:52 25 Jun 19
Bybee Pest Control does a great job! Great prices and great... service! They take care of our home and businesses! Their product works and takes care of the problem. I highly recommend them!!!!read more
Emilee Clark
Emilee C.
14:51 25 Jun 19
Bybee Pest Control does a great job! Great prices and great... service! Their product works and takes care of the problem. I highly recommend them!!!!read more
Emilee Clark
Emilee C.
14:50 25 Jun 19
Bybee Pest Control does a great job! Great prices and great... service! Their product works and takes care of the problem. I highly recommend them!!!!read more
Emilee Clark
Emilee C.
14:49 25 Jun 19
Sherlyn Dalton
Sherlyn D.
14:23 17 Jun 19
Thanks, Bybee Pest Control!
Sarah Dominique Gousse
Sarah Dominique G.
05:12 09 Jun 19
Incredible Service!I’ve relied on their excellent service... for several years now and they have yet to disappoint me. This is an organized, dedicated, and professional team. The technicians are prompt, discreet, courteous and thorough. They do a great job of treating bugs in my home and follow up with me a week and a half later to ask how things are going. They have great customer care skills. Based on my experience, Bybee Pest Control is a keeper. I highly recommend them for any pest job big or more
Karen Bybee
Karen B.
01:07 16 May 19
Great job! The technician was very courteous, kind and... thorough. A professional job well done. My service was done in a timely manner from when I initially called to schedule and then to have the work completed, I was very pleased.I highly recommend Bybee Pest Control regardless if you have a small or large more
Julie Westwood
Julie W.
23:20 30 Apr 19
Bybee Pest Control has been great to work with. After they... come and spray they always follow up and make sure everything was taken care of. I would definitely recommend them if you’re needing pest more
Kevin Lowry
Kevin L.
17:32 17 Apr 19
Brooke Westwood
Brooke W.
05:38 09 Mar 19
Sarah Dominique Gousse
Sarah Dominique G.
19:28 12 Sep 18
Bybee is awesome! Great quality and they have the nicest... people!read more
CandiceB Tuttle
CandiceB T.
16:42 23 Aug 18
brycen bybee
brycen B.
05:21 05 Aug 18
We are extremely happy with Bybee Pest Control. We haven't... seen any more bugs in our home or lawn. They were prompt, friendly, and cost efficient. I will recommend them to my more
Lori Logue
Lori L.
15:04 31 Jul 18
We love Bybee Pest Control! They have come to spray for... bugs at the Canyon Creek Services domestic violence shelter twice since the early summer. They have been easy to work with, punctual, and it doesn’t take them long to do a thorough job. Prompt, professional, and more
Rachelle Riggle Hughes
Rachelle Riggle H.
19:43 26 Jul 18
I had a lot of issues with earwigs (and a couple spiders) I... had used a different guy before but wasnt getting the results I wanted. As soon as I heard about Bybee pest control I knew I needed to try them. I saw a huge difference after the first spray and Braden personally texted me to see if I was satisfied, I have a HUGE yard with kids and animals and I couldn't be happier. No earwigs or spiders, he also sprayed some ant hills in my back yard. These guys are quick and efficient and so very personable I totally will (and have) recommend these guys to more
Christy Bowman
Christy B.
04:10 17 Apr 18
Bybee Pest Control does a great job. They are timely and... thorough. Both of which is extremely important in the hospitality industry. I highly recommend them for any of your pesky pest needs!read more
Red Ledges Inn
Red Ledges I.
21:48 16 Apr 18
Bybee Pest Control has been taking care of our pest control... needs for the past year at our home and local production facility and we are very satisfied with their services. Braden offers fair pricing and exceptional customer service. His pest control method is better than any other company we have used in the more
Mark Oliver
Mark O.
14:21 11 Apr 18
They are great to work with. We haven't had any problems... since he has been coming. Affordable and relient. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!read more
Tiffany Oliver
Tiffany O.
15:52 10 Apr 18
Dakota Denver
Dakota D.
08:19 08 Apr 18
Great prices and service. Also very safe around my kids and... more
Amy lambeth
Amy L.
20:03 07 Apr 18
Braden is quick to respond to calls and texts. Thorough... when he sprays and garuntees his work. I haven’t had any problems with bugs since he sprayed and will definitely be calling him again!read more
Bree Shakespeare
Bree S.
16:39 02 Apr 18
Very quick and great to work with. Keeps the bugs away! One... time we saw a spider and they were quick to come spray the area more
Lauren Carter
Lauren C.
22:33 28 Mar 18
Great customer service! Affordable, Reliable, and... Efficient! We found a bee’s nest outside and Bybee Pest Control was there quickly and took care of it professionally. Highly Recommended!read more
Wendy Hackney
Wendy H.
19:52 27 Mar 18
Braden is great. He will make sure everything is taken care... of and continue to follow up to ensure your needs were more
Derek Louder
Derek L.
20:17 17 Feb 18
Braden is trustworthy, reliable and friendly. I would... highly recommend him anyday!read more
Wendy Wright Hackney
Wendy Wright H.
21:49 09 Aug 17
I haven't had a chance to have him service our house but... Braden is an excellent guy who has my complete trust to do a thorough and satisfactory job!read more
Bryant N Dawn Cummings
Bryant N Dawn C.
20:12 09 Aug 17

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