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Protect Your Home From Pests This Fall

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Cedar City, Utah

October is an exciting time -- the days get cooler, the leaves begin to change colors, and everything you buy as a limited edition pumpkin spice flavor to try. However, as the days get cooler, insects and look for places to stay warm. Often, the first place they will go is inside your home. In Cedar City, it is common to find insects such as black widows and ants inside homes as days get colder. These pests can harm your family and cause damage to your home.To help protect your home and family from pests we have 5 tips.

1. Remove unprotected food and water sources
When pests move into your home, they will often look for food. The more available and easy food is to get, the more comfortable they will be in your home and the more likely they are to say. A way to prevent this is by:

-Storing all food in airtight containers
-Storing unsealing food products in the fridge, whenever possible
-Limiting food consumption to one home in the house
-Clean up spills and crumbs quickly
-Clean dishes after each use -- don't leave them sitting in the sink or dishwasher dirty
-Store pet food in airtight containers

2. Seal around pipes
The utility or pipe penetrations in your walls most likely have large gaps around them accompanied by large holes that had to be drilled for installation. This gap is great for pests to get inside your home. To solve this issue:
-Fill smaller gaps or cracks with pipe sealant or caulk 
-Fill larger gaps or cracks with polyurethane foam with a copper mesh or steel wool as a base

3. Maintain your yard
Yard maintenance has the biggest effect in bug infestations and is not typically properly cared for due to busy lifestyles. To better maintain your yard to prevent pests:
-Eliminate all wood-to-soil contact around your foundation. Keep firewood and other wood debris from being stacked directly against your home
-Keep mulch and soil away from the side of your house and create a barrier between them
-Mow your lawn (if it is not covered in snow)
-Trim the tress back from your home so they are not physically touching or hanging over the roof of your house.

4. Add screens 
During the cooler months when the fireplace or heat is on, your house can become stuffy and you may open a window for ventilation. When you do this, buys may sneak into your home. To avoid this:
-Install window screens to ensure bugs cannot get into your home. Choose a 20-mesh or fine screen so bugs cannot sneak through the holes
-Make sure there are no holes in your current screen or gaps between the screen's fame and window seal.

5. Seal your doors
If you were to check your door, you are likely to see multiple cracks. These cracks make it easy for bugs to come into your home. To fix this issue:
-Install a sturdy aluminum or steel threshold underneath the door. For even better protection, add a door sweep.
-Add weather-stripping or door-seal kits to the perimeter of the frames to keep bugs from getting in on the sides or top of the door.
-Use a clear caulking to seal the door joints where the frame meets the wall
-If your door is frequently left open, install a hydraulic door to make sure the door closes behind people coming and going. 

If you still find pests inside your home, give us a call. We service homes around Utah, including Saint George, Cedar City, Washington, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Parowan, Hurricane, La Verkin, Toquerville, Enoch, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Salt Lake City.

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