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Rodents In The Walls

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Cedar City, Utah

Its getting colder which means rodents like mice are looking for warm places to live, such as your home. Rodents are known for carrying a vast amount of illnesses and bacteria. Their droppings can spread bacteria, contaminate food, and even increase allergic reactions. Rodents can gnaw through drywall, insulation, wood and even electrical wiring with can severely damage your home. Rodents can enter your home through the smallest of holes: mice can enter your home through a pencil eraser sized hole and rats can enter in through dime sized holes.

How to identify a rodent problem

The easiest way to tell is if there are droppings, chewed wires, nests, and wall gaps. Be sure to check places such as your pantry, basement, and kitchen regularly for any signs.

How can I prevent rodents from coming in this winter?

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation this winter is to remove food sources like water, or crumbs. Always clean your home after food is prepared or consumed. Another way is to ensure that all holes in your home are completely sealed. Check your roof, windows, doors, foundation and toilet (yes, your toilet -- sometimes rodents may end up in here after coming through the plumbing lines). Trim trees and bushes to be at least 4 feet away from the roof so that rodents cannot climb onto your roof and sneak into your home.

Always keep garbage receptacles sealed and the areas around them clean.

What if I already have rodents in my home?

Having rodent infestations is common, especially as it gets colder. Here at Bybee Pest Control we are here to help. With our state of the art bait stations, we are able to help you get rid of any rodents. A technician will place a bait station near the place of infestation -- whether it be inside a wall, the basement, or under the sink. The rodent will eat the bait which will drive them to search for water. It is likely that they will leave for water or they will die. If they do die, the bait dries them up and prevents them from leaving any smell (incredible, right?). If you have a home, cabin, or business with a rodent problem or if you simply want to be prepared, give us a call and we will be happy to help. We service homes around Utah, including Saint George, Cedar City, Washington, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Parowan, Hurricane, La Verkin, Toquerville, Enoch, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Salt Lake City.

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