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Subscription Details: (Please read agreement before purchasing)
$39 for first service.
Monthly customers: $50 per month. Bimonthly: $65 Bimonthly. Quarterly: $75
With small lawn: add $10. Medium Lawn: add $15. Large Lawn: add $25

Pests Covered: Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, Earwigs, Wasps, Mites. (message us at 435-256-0561 if you have questions about covered pests)

Additional options, one-time cost: Moles/Voles (additional $5 per bomb), Rodents ($5 per small bait station, $25 per large bait station), flies (commercial fly traps are $150-$300 for parts and installation, Fly bait bags are $10 each). These will be billed separately if you choose to purchase any of these items.

Pests Not Covered: Termites, Bed Bugs (both require premium fees separate from yearly plans)

Areas Covered: Inside and outside perimeter of home.

Rehits: Free within one month. Additional $50 charge if you are a bimonthly or quarterly customer needing a respray after one month. Consider switching to a more consistent treatment plan if necessary.

Charges on the same day each month. We will contact you to schedule the service at your home or business.

Cancellation fee of $125 if you choose to end subscription early. We will service your property one last time as part of this charge so long as we are given access to the property .

We will service just the outside of your home where accessible if you do not respond to calls or texts for scheduling services. A total of 3 attempts will be tried to contact you, and response is expected within 24 hours of last attempt.


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