There are many pests that cause problems in the garden, but none with larger appetite than slugs and snails. Now why would you want to get rid of them out of your lawn? Snails and slugs can affect any tender plants, lawn included. While they do feed on decaying plant matter they also feast on soft and succulent plant tissue. They demolish seedlings and can severely damage young shoots. Traditionally snails and slugs are higher in number and therefore cause the most damage in wet years and in areas with high rainfall or humid/moist conditions. You really don’t want these in your yard, luckily there are ways to get rid of them.

#1 – Crushed Egg Shell

Crushed egg shell will deter snail and slugs due to its abrasiveness to their soft bodies. Also used coffee grounds are recommended as a way to keep slugs and snails out of the garden.

#2 – Beer Traps

If you don’t mind killing your garden snails and garden slugs, beer traps are a good option. Dig a hole near the plants that are being attacked by the pests. Bury a recycled can, plastic container, or glass jar into this hole so the top of the container is level with the top the soil. Pour beer or a yeast and honey mixture into this container. Snails and slugs are naturally attracted to the scent because it contains yeast. However, they get disoriented when they drink it. When this happens, they fall inside the container and drown.

#3 – Get Some Chickens Or Ducks

Free ranging chickens and ducks don’t just eat grass — they also love highly nutritious and delicious slugs and snails. If you cannot afford to raise these birds in your small backyard, consider introducing your garden to beneficial insects. Such organisms eat snails or kills slugs. They can also help you control other garden pests while dealing with the slug or snail problem.

#4 – Put Some Chopped Mint or Rosemary In Your Soil

If you have a flowerbed that is being attacked, consider adding your mint trimmings or planting rosemary in your garden. Snails and slugs are repelled by the smell, but it smells great to humans!

#5 – Pick Them Off By Hand

While this method may seem time consuming, you may be able to solicit the help of your kids! If it is safe to do so, you can have them take a flashlight out at night and pick off the snails and slugs when they are more active. Just wash your hands with soapy water afterward.

Still need help? It is hard to completely be snail or slug free, but we are here to help. If you are experiencing issues, need help controlling, or just need advice, give us a call. We serve families and business around Utah, including Saint George, Cedar City, Washington, Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, Parowan, Hurricane, La Verkin, Toquerville, Enoch, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Salt Lake City. Give us a call for a quote today!

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