Last Updated: December 6, 2019

The Return of the Ants

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Why are all these ants coming into the house uninvited? As it gets colder, aren’t they supposed to stay underground not in my kitchen? The answer is yes, as it gets colder, ants go deeper into the ground, but your home’s foundation is close enough to where they are living that they might just come over to grab some dinner. They will sneak in through the cracks in the foundation, walls, and doors of your home and usually the first few ants go unnoticed.

The problem is that one ant can very quickly turn into 3 ants… 9 ants… 81 ants… 6,561 ants (if you’re really unlucky). How do these pests find their way into your pantry, you might ask? It’s quite interesting. The first ant stops by for a quick snack and finds some tasty crumbs under your refrigerator. The ant travels back to its colony, leaving a trail of pheromones all the way back home. Other ants follow the scent trail that was left back to the cornucopia of crumbs under your fridge. Soon enough, you are feeding and hosting a whole army of ants in your home.

It can be frustrating, we know. It can be difficult to prevent the ants from sneaking in. It can be difficult to exterminate the ants on your own. You sweep and vacuum all day long or spend lots of money on ant traps that probably will not work. You need a lasting solution. We will protect your home from these hungry, pesky insects – Guaranteed. Give us a call today — Bybee Pest Control (435) 256-0561.

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