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Three Bed Bug Facts

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Imagine this: it has been an exhausting day and you are getting ready for good night’s rest. You climb into your bed and you have never felt so relaxed in your life. You dream of relaxing in Hawaii and it is as if you can feel the warm sun on your face and the sand between your toes. A great night indeed. Then you wake up. As you do your morning stretch, you find small red bites all over your body.

Oh no… Bed bugs. How did they get there? How can you get rid of them?

Here are three facts about those little pests that sneak your sheets.

Fact #1: Bed bugs have PhDs in being pests

The truth is bed bugs are intelligent. They have learned how to hide out of sight during the daytime. They can be hiding under the mattress, in between couch cushions, and even behind photos.  During the night, exhaled carbon dioxide lures them out of their hiding place and they begin to feed. As they feed, bed bugs use their saliva to numb their victim and increase blood flow making their bites quick and painless.

Fact #2: Bed bugs are found anywhere

They are not just in hotels. They can sneak into homes, offices, hospitals, buses, schools, movie theaters, and even stores. As you go to these places, they can climb into your bags, cling onto your clothes, or jump into your pockets to catch a ride to your next destination. A bed bug from the store down the street may have just moved into your couch.

Fact #3: Bed bugs could win “Survivor"

Bed bugs can survive freezing temperatures up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find them in Northern Canada down to Southern Arizona.  In addition, Bed bugs can go for months without a meal. If you are away on vacation, if you buy a used couch, or if the guest bed hasn’t been used in a while, the pest can still be lingering. Their impeccable surviving skills makes DIY pest control close to impossible.

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