Last Updated: December 6, 2019

Your Home is a Mouse Wonderland

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As the weather continues to get colder, your home is looking more and more like a 5-star resort to many pests – especially mice. Think about it: your home is nicely insulated & warm, there is an abundance of holiday food, and a lot of places to hide. It’s a haven for little critters. They may be sneaking into your home and you may not notice for days or weeks that they are your newest tenants.  

If mice are snacking, relaxing, and living in your home, that must also mean that they are leaving mouse droppings throughout your home. Mouse feces are unsanitary and carry diseases such as hantavirus. The Center for Disease Control stated that there have been 728 reported cases of hantavirus in the United States. Hantavirus can kill or make its victims wish they were dead. Mice are no joking matter.

Protect your home & protect your family from mice. There are many things you can do to prevent them from coming and staying around – constantly sweeping & cleaning, setting mouse traps, and getting a host of cats could do the trick. However, constantly cleaning can take away time that you could be spending with your family, doing things that you love, and your other duties. Setting mouse traps can be dangerous. If you chose a mechanical trap, you must worry about a loved one accidentally touching it and getting hurt. If you chose a poisonous trap, you must remember that the toxins can hurt any living thing that may come in contact with the substance such as small children and pets. You can count on cats helping you with the prevention & extermination of mice, but cats will not always be able to get into the small cracks in your home that mice can easily squeeze into. And remember, they can always come back. After all, your home is basically heaven to them.

Allow Bybee Pest Control to help you protect your home and family. Preventative and extermination services are affordable and reliable. If you are experiencing mice issues, give us a call at (435) 256-0561.

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